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4 Things All Virtual Event Producers Need To Know

July 18, 2022

The rapid increase in the popularity of virtual events since the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed events dramatically. Organizations realized that, with planning and technical skill, they can now reach more of their target audience. Even physical events have adjusted, and now a lesser-known form, hybrid events, became popular. This way, organizations would continue to make live – or on-demand – contact with their target audience. 

So, how do you navigate the new virtual event landscape as an event producer? What do you need to know that could instantly elevate the quality of the virtual events you organize? In this article, we'll explore them all. First, we'll look at how virtual events have changed the landscape. Then we'll examine four critical points that every virtual event producer needs to know. 

How Virtual Events Have Changed The Landscape 

Virtual events have influenced the event landscape tremendously. Here are some crucial ways: 

  • Saves time 

According to reports, planning and organizing a physical event can take up to 6 months, if not more. With tons of logistics to settle, venues to book in advance, and keynote speakers to book, in-person events take far more time – and effort – to plan. 

Planning virtual events, however, typically takes less time. An average of 2 – 3 months is the norm, allowing organizations that play their cards right to gain more value while spending less time. And with event software, more organizers are reporting that they can save more time in event planning. 

  • Greater attendee counts 

With 34% of organizations planning to invest more into virtual events in the future, it is clear that businesses are deriving value from them. This Markletic statistic is one of many research reports that show that organizations are leaning more into virtual events, despite the end of the pandemic. One factor responsible for this is the increased attendance characteristic of virtual events. 

Virtual events made it possible for organizations to take their events to larger sections of their target audiences, and many reported attendances in the hundreds and thousands, due to increased reach. By presenting value in a more convenient way for attendees, virtual events are able to appeal to a broader audience, boosting attendance levels. 

  • Reduced event expenses

With several expenses, including venue fees, speakers' accommodation and travel expenses, catering, equipment rental, and event marketing, virtual events can run into hundreds of thousands in costs, depending on the size of the business. Virtual events eliminate the bulk of these costs by incorporating various aspects of the program into a single, web-hosted platform. Although you'd still have to pay a good fee for an excellent platform, you're sure to save thousands for your company while giving amazing value to your attendees. 

  • Improved flexibility 

With virtual events, it's easier to change multiple aspects of your program depending on situations, preferences, or new developments. Planning is also more flexible, as organizers can work from home or remotely via a centralized event platform. This way, you're able to harness the expertise of talented coworkers to improve the quality of your event. 

Additionally, virtual events offer more flexibility to attendees, who can attend your event from home, during a break at work, or even on-demand at any time or place of their choice. 

  • Personalization 

Planning physical events can be a huge affair. From securing event venues to ensuring that guest speakers have suitable accommodation for the event, in-person events come with tons of logistics. Although virtual events do have theirs, they tend to be less intense and reduce the efforts spent on other accessories (yet crucial) details. This makes it easier for the organizers to focus on the primary target – the audience. This way, when done right, virtual events can significantly improve the attendees' experience. 

4 Things to Know as A Virtual Event Producer 

Creating a great virtual event is a skill that you can develop. Here are four crucial things that will help you to achieve this as an event producer consistently: 

  • Know your audience's preferences 

As an event producer, your attendees are your priority. Joan Eisenstodt, a highly-respected events consultant and Principal of Eisenstodt Associates, is particular about this. "Gain an understanding of what will feed people's curiosity," she says. By understanding what your audience wants, you're able to create content with which your audience will resonate. This should be one of the first steps to take when planning your event. 

  • Rehearse with your equipment 

Virtual events rely on various technologies to bring an excellent experience to attendees. However, these technologies are not magic wands that just work when plugged in. Depending on multiple factors, a few technical issues can appear. 

The good news, though, is that you can minimize it. By rehearsing before the event, you can detect minor problems that may affect the quality of your event and fix them. It's also a good idea to have a backup plan for common issues, so you can keep the event going smoothly if they arise. 

  • Coach your speakers on virtual event best practices

One important thing not to take for granted is the ability of your speakers to deliver virtually, especially for important company events. Virtual events present a new dynamic, as they may not have the same face-to-face interaction as in-person events. Additionally, it's also vital for your speakers to use the platform seamlessly. Holding a training or coaching session with your speakers can help to boost their confidence in delivering an excellent presentation at your event. 

  • Choose the right event platform 

With the right event platform, you can better engage your attendees and create more value for your sponsors. Additionally, a great platform like Performedia's is always on hand to provide advice and technical support when needed, so your event runs smoothly. 


Virtual events are here to stay, and as an event producer, it's essential to know how to navigate them effectively. At Performedia, we're always glad to help you create excellent, bespoke events. With our versatile platform and years of experience creating top-notch events for our clients, you're assured of quality. Give us a call, and let's work together to create a fantastic event!