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How Production Companies Are Leveling Up Their Virtual & Hybrid Events

May 17, 2022

Organizing hybrid and virtual events comes with peculiar challenges, especially for companies that have traditionally held physical events. But this does not mean that your attendees should feel any loss of quality from your event delivery. With the right event production company, you can give your audience a fantastic experience. This article shows how an event production company can liven up your virtual or hybrid event.

Why you need an event production company 

Here are some reasons why you need an event production company at your event: -

  • Expert support 

Although your company may be chock-full of experts and industry leaders in your field, you’ll often be new to creating virtual or hybrid events. So, making your first (or second or third) leap into this event format while assuring quality can be challenging. It may be difficult for many of your team members to adapt to changes. 

However, event production companies are experts at creating seamless virtual or hybrid events. They are familiar with the process and common challenges you might encounter. They work with you to develop an understanding of your needs. Thus, they can help devise efficient, unique strategies to help you meet your goals. 

  • Content Development & Delivery 

Content is the backbone of a high-value event. But it is not only the quality of content that determines the value received by the audience. The method of content delivery also plays an important role. 

When you deliver good content effectively, it leaves a positive impression. Event production companies have content development teams versed in several content delivery strategies. These teams will help you develop compelling content delivery strategies to impress your audience.

  • Communication & Data

Communication helps create a positive relationship with your audience and company. Event production companies can help you develop suitable communications strategies to bridge this gap. Additionally, their integrated applications collect valuable data to facilitate future improvement. 

Challenges faced in virtual & hybrid events 

Here are some common challenges faced in virtual and hybrid events: 

  • Managing costs 

Because a hybrid event is effectively two events in one, their costs can be pretty high if not managed well. This is primarily because you have to prepare the physical and virtual events, then integrate them. A good event production company will help you with strategies for creating compelling, cost-efficient solutions. 

  • Technological gaps 

Hybrid events are still relatively new. Many of the technologies required to execute specific tasks are still prototypical. However, experienced event production teams are equipped to handle these challenges. They can come up with innovative solutions that do not compromise on quality. 

  • Attracting exhibitors and sponsors 

Although hybrid and virtual events offer the possibility of reaching larger audiences, many sponsors are still skeptical of paying premium fees. Thus, they usually need some more convincing before making any deals. 

  • Ticketing strategies 

In the era of physical events, companies often charged premium prices for tickets, representing a significant revenue stream. They justified it by the significant investments they’d made in the event. With virtual and hybrid events, audiences are less convinced they should pay top dollar when they’re sitting at a desk at home. This has posed quite a challenge to many companies. 

  • Different time zones 

Although hybrid events have taken events worldwide, this comes with an inherent problem of differing time zones. It’s essential to tackle this early on to avoid having blocs of attendees missing the event entirely or choosing not to attend.

How production companies are leveling up the experience at hybrid and virtual events

Here’s how production companies are leveling up the experience at their events: 

  • Integrated platforms 

Although unifying physical and online events can seem quite tasking, using a single platform makes the process easier. Many event production companies offer centralized hubs where you can observe all that’s happening in one place. 

  • Customizable design

Every company’s needs will be quite different from another. Therefore, event production companies now offer customizable interfaces so that companies can maximize the virtual space. Customizable areas may be used for banner placements and sponsorships, helping the company improve revenue. 

  • Cross-team collaboration 

Hybrid events require multiple teams to collaborate– the client, the in-person team, and the virtual event team. Event production companies harmonize activities by providing an integrated platform for cross-team collaboration. This way, every component unites to form a well-oiled machine. 

  • Audience engagement capabilities 

Decreased audience engagement was a common issue when online events first came on board. However, event production companies are now conversant with engaging content strategies. Offerings range from interactive quizzes and polls to improved content delivery strategies. This way, event production companies can guarantee your audience will not simply doze off during the intermissions. 

  • Expert support and resources

Event production companies have learned (and continue to learn) from the mistakes of the COVID era. Now, they are well-equipped with the experience to combat common problems in virtual and hybrid events. Good event production companies work closely with your team to troubleshoot issues with innovative solutions.

  • Improved networking capacity 

One of the pain points for audiences during the COVID era was the decreased ability to network in virtual events. Event production companies recognize the importance of networking. Most event production companies now have improved functionality to support networking. These attractive features range from breakout rooms and advanced chat features to live video chats. 

  • Advanced data collection capabilities 

Getting sponsorships was one of the initial problems of virtual events. However, event production companies have created advanced data collection systems. These systems collect and analyze valuable data that you can use to attract sponsors. 

Why Performedia can create an excellent experience at your event

Performedia is a hybrid and virtual events production company with several years of experience creating amazing events for clients. We offer tons of features that help level up the experience at your event. These include: 

  • Seamless functionality 

Our dedicated platform helps you integrate every aspect of the event into a single place. We incorporate event registration, video capture, chatting, and more into one place. This saves you money and time and improves efficiency. 

  • Expert support 

Our online and on-site support teams are always all ears, ready to give you the assistance you need. We work with you to develop innovative solutions to any challenges faced at your event. 

  • Excellent networking platform 

Performedia’s dedicated platform makes the networking process easy and efficient. We help online and in-person audiences interact seamlessly, bringing a feeling of inclusiveness to the event. Our advanced file transfer system also allows audiences to share ideas and information easily. 

  • Data tracking for sponsors 

We understand that sponsors are concerned with getting enough visibility to drive sales. We help you collect and analyze data that will enable you to attract sponsors to your event.

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