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15 AV terms to know while working with your vendors

April 5, 2024

Audio-visual (AV) plays a pivotal role in event management. Be it organizing a trade fair, conference, or seminar, knowing these AV terms is critical for every event organizer. Here are 15 AV terms every event manager should know:

1. Projection Mapping: This technique involves using projectors to map visual content onto irregularly shaped objects or surfaces, creating stunning visual effects. 

2. LED Wall: LED wall is a large display made up of individual LED panels. It is commonly used for displaying high-resolution images and videos at events. 

3. Sound Reinforcement: The process of enhancing or amplifying sound to ensure it reaches the desired audience effectively. 

4. Line Array: A speaker system consisting of multiple loudspeakers arranged vertically, providing even sound distribution over long distances. 

5. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface): Digital interface for high-quality audio and video transmission between devices like laptops, projectors, and monitors. 

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6. Lighting Console: A control system used to operate and control various lighting fixtures, allowing event managers to create different lighting effects. 

7. Mixing Board: Also known as an audio mixer or soundboard, it is used to adjust the levels and combine audio signals from different sources, such as microphones and musical instruments. 

8. Rigging: The process of suspending or hanging AV equipment, such as lights, speakers, or projectors, securely from trusses or rigging points. 

9. Throw Distance: The distance between a projector and the screen or surface onto which the image is projected. It affects the size and clarity of the projected image. 

10. Feedback: The high-pitched squealing or screeching sound that occurs when a microphone picks up and amplifies its own output, causing an audio loop. 

11. DMX: Digital Multiplex is a standard protocol used for controlling lighting equipment, such as moving lights or stage effects, through a lighting console. 

12. Aspect Ratio: The proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or screen. Common aspect ratios include 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard). 

13. Lavalier mics: Lavalier (also called a body mic, personal mic (lav mic), or lapel mic), are tiny, hands-free microphones that are fastened onto a person.

14. Load-In/Load-Out: Setting up and dismantling AV equipment before/after events, coordinated with vendors for efficient execution. 

15. Video Wall: A large display made up of multiple screens arranged in a grid, allowing for the simultaneous display of multiple videos or images. 

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