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What Factors You Should Check Before Choosing Your Event Partner for Stress-free Event

September 15, 2022

Event organization can seem a very tedious process. Pre-event preparations involve a ton of steps. It almost always seems like you're missing or forgetting something, no matter how many times you tick the boxes on your checklist. With virtual and hybrid events, the stress may be relieved to an extent – there's no catering or ushering to attend to – but that doesn't mean it's gone completely. In fact, many event organizers reported increased levels of stress during the pandemic than before (see our article on how the events industry can deal with this crisis). 

But, as we have seen multiple times, organizing your next event can seem like a breeze with the right event partner. With a great event partner, you'd be sure of consistent results. This way, your attendees would leave with positive impressions of your organization. We at Performedia want to help you on this journey to finding the best event partner for your next event. And that's why we've created this article, to describe the factors you need to check before choosing an event partner.

Factors To Check Before Choosing Your Event Partner 

Here are some of the critical factors you'd need to check before choosing your event partner:

  • Presentation 

What's an event without the customary presentations from keynote speakers and thought leaders? We're all so used to having PowerPoint presentations at events that it's difficult to imagine an event without them. This basic feature of presentations is one of the critical factors to check before choosing an event partner. So, it’s important to check the presentation tools offered by the company for additional features you may need. 

  • Communication 

Communication is critical to every event stage, from planning to post-event engagement. Your choice event partner should have systems to facilitate effective communication channels between you and your most important client, the audience. Your chosen event partner should also have the necessary equipment to ensure that every minute of communication is crisp and clear so the audience can gain maximally. Effective communication is critical because, if it's absent, then what's the point of the event? 

  • Branding 

Your brand is your business's voice and makes you stand out. A brand differentiates you from the competition. It creates a story that your audience can relate to, driving engagement and loyalty. Marketers have known this for years. In today's competitive industrial world, it's become more crucial for event organizers to know this. 

After all, event planning and sponsorship have been known to be among the most lucrative ways to market businesses and opportunities. With a great event partner like Performedia, your business can tell its story in an authentic, realistic way. 

  • Audience interaction 

Interactivity is one of the best ways to create engagement at your event, especially for virtual attendees. Due to environmental distractions, virtual attendees are easily the most distracted during an event. And this typically prevents them from gaining maximally from the value you'd have to share. 

With polls, graphics, quizzes, online games, and other interactive elements, you'd be able to grab your audience's attention better. Your chosen virtual event partner should have functionalities for these. 

  • Integration

With the right tools, you can boost your ability to attract the right audience and make your work easier. A great event partner can allow you to integrate the tools and apps that already make your work easier into the process. You can use your familiarity with these tools to up your speed. 

Our platform, for example, has an inbuilt registration system to allow your audience to register for your program beforehand. However, we also allow you to integrate or customize other registration methods to your taste. This way, you always remain in control. 

  • Sponsorship tools

Sponsors are one of the biggest sources of funding for events. Up to 60% of marketers see event sponsorship as a great way to drive visibility. And the industry is still growing, so an event partner should have tools to help you offer increased value to your sponsors. 

Your chosen event platform should have the functionality to boost visibility for your sponsors. Whether in the form of banners, virtual sponsorship booths, or customizable event pages, by displaying sponsors proudly, you're better able to offer value to them. 

  • Networking functionality 

Networking and interaction are two ways to boost engagement at your event. In fact, studies show that up to 80% of professionals believe networking is essential to business success. Further studies also show that 41% of professionals want to network with fellow professionals more often. So, choosing a partner that offers a solution to promote audience interaction and maximize the hours at your event is important. Networking is a great way to boost your business's appeal and your organization's credibility. 

  • Data Analytics

Data provides insights, helps businesses improve, and helps sponsors derive even more value from their interaction with your event. Additionally, with excellent data from past events, you can understand your audience better and what they're likely to engage with. This enables you to plan better for future events and offer more value to your attendees and sponsors. So, choose a virtual events partner offering extensive analytics from which you can glean insights. 

Why Performedia is your best partner for a stress-free event 

Performedia is one of the best choices you can make when organizing your next event. We offer some of the best services in the market regarding virtual events. Here's why our customers keep raving about us:

  • Total boutique approach

At Performedia, we strive to understand your needs so that we can better address them. This way, we help you maximize your resources to give your audience the best experience. We're also on-site to provide live capture with our high-quality equipment to ensure your audience gets a great experience.

  • Virtual engagement

Our platform allows you to organize polls, games, and quizzes. The results are displayed on a scoreboard that you can share with your audience.

  • Branding

Our brandable Zoom player ensures that your sponsors get the exposure they need. We also offer virtual sponsorship booths and meeting rooms so that you can offer even more value to your sponsors.

  • Networking

Our virtual meeting rooms let attendees connect seamlessly. They can also interact in multiple ways, including video, audio, chat, and file sharing.

  • Analytics

Our virtual event platform gathers the valuable data that your business needs so that you can get excellent insights. With great analytics, you can take action where it's needed.


A great event partner will save you a boatload of stress regarding your virtual or hybrid event. Choose an event partner like Performedia today, and watch your event roar to life!