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Why Choosing an Event Tech Partner That Offers a Customer Success Team is Key

May 20, 2022

As hybrid and virtual events become more popular, so do the event platforms designed to handle these events. However, having a top-notch event platform alone may not be enough to knock your next event out of the park. A key element of successful events is a dedicated, skilled event team. This article will explain why it’s essential to have the right customer success team at your events.

What is a Customer Success Team? 

A customer success team is a group of experts who help the client or customer achieve their goals for an event. A customer success team works closely with you to understand and catalog your needs for an event. They then work to develop strategies to meet those needs. 

People often confuse customer success teams and customer support teams, but they have essential differences. A customer support team handles customer needs reactively. For example, if a virtual speaker complains that he cannot share his slides, the customer support team quickly looks for solutions to the problem. On the other hand, a customer success team proactively seeks to understand and implement the customer’s goals and expectations. Many customer success teams also offer real-time support. 

Why You Need A Customer Success Team At Your Event 

Having a customer success team is crucial to organizing a successful event. Here are some reasons why: 

  • Platform training 

One of the most crucial aspects of planning an event is using the event platform effectively. A customer success team can help you learn how to use the event platform easily, saving you the stress of doing this all on your own. They also make it easier to ask questions and get answers on all platform-related issues. 

Additionally, they are better equipped to give you tips to maximize the platform’s features for an amazing event. 

  • Time saving

As an event planner, time is not often on your side. You usually have to organize several other event components, such as logistics, speaker packages, entertainment, and more. A customer success team will go the extra mile to meet your needs, helping you save valuable time off handling the tech aspects of your event. 

  • Improved audience engagement

Event success teams are experts at figuring out the best ways to keep audiences engaged. Whether by designing interactive interfaces or virtual mini-games at your request, a customer success team will help ensure that your attendees do not get bored at your event. 

  • Easier ROI tracking

Event success teams understand that ROI is an essential aspect of many events. They’ll usually have tested systems in place to monitor generated ROI. This helps you stay on top of every earning you make from your virtual and hybrid events, with data on where every dollar came from. 

  • Simplified event data 

Data generation and analytics are a big part of 21st-century technology. Data is necessary for helping event planners attract sponsors. It helps understand attendee experiences for future improvement. Event success teams use the event platform to collect valuable data about the event. 

Key Things to Look Out for When Choosing an Event Tech Partner 

If you’re looking to choose an event tech partner, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Look at their credentials 

Several event tech companies in the market offer a wide range of services. However, to choose the best one for your company, it is best to consider experienced providers. Check their previous performances and how they’ve handled previous events. Also, consider how well they would be able to serve your needs. This will help you create and execute stellar events. 

  • Good event marketing tools 

Event marketing is crucial for creating the buzz you want among your target audience. With enough publicity, you’ll be able to negotiate better deals and command larger audiences at your event. Therefore, your event tech partner should be familiar with suitable marketing tools and how to integrate them. Ensure that they provide good evidence for this before hiring an event tech partner. 

  • Level of technical support 

Now, no planning can eliminate the possibility of a few minor hiccups happening at the event. So, your event tech partner should be equipped to handle these minor issues when they arise. Before hiring an event tech partner, ensure that they provide adequate real-time support for technical issues faced by attendees, sponsors, and speakers. 

  • Powerful analytics solutions

Data collection is important, but so is the interpretation of the collected data. A good event tech partner will help you extract, export, and understand the data generated at your event. This way, you’ll be able to gain rich insights and measure success and performance for future growth. 

Why Performedia is the Best Tech partner for Your Event 

Performedia is an event management solution with several person-hours of experience handling hybrid and virtual events. We offer several services to enrich the experience at your event. We are also leaders in creating bespoke events to give your attendees, sponsors, and speakers a fantastic experience. Here are some of the services that make us stand out as tech partners:

  • Total boutique approach 

Our highly-driven team at Performedia takes over the organizing and execution of the entire online part of your event. This way, we help you create the event you want with minimal effort from your end. We also work with your on-site organizers to help integrate the virtual event with the physical aspect. 

  • Immersive and interactive virtual environments 

We understand how important it is to keep attendees engaged while navigating through the virtual content. Our fantastic platform makes it easy for attendees to move from one point to another, so they do not miss anything important. Our platform also offers interactive polling and quizzing functionality to engage your guests. 

  • Event support 

We provide prompt support for both online and virtual audiences. Also, there is a ‘Help’ button on every page of our virtual platform so that virtual attendees can call for help when they need it. Our staff also provides on-site support to handle any issues with integrating the virtual and physical events. 

  • Extensive analytics 

We understand how important it is for you to know what happened and how well your event did. These vary from links clicked to the duration audience members watched your content. We provide customized dashboards and reports covering all the data you’re interested in.