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Why Performedia?

Total boutique approach

Our laser-focused team does the lion’s share in organizing and executing the online portion of your event. We are a distinctive player- supplying our online platforms as well as onsite staff that makes us an incredible event platform in Cleveland.

Exceptional Networking and Branding

We provide state-of-the-art in-platform networking tools to bring your attendees together, wherever they are. We can also help you gear up your sponsor branding game with our innovative branding options like our brandable interactive Zoom and media players.

On-site support

We are with you at all times! Our professional production team directs every aspect of the online show, and our technical support agents are standing by to assist any attendees who need it.

Remarkable Functionality

We offer seamless functionality like integration with an event registration system, webcast attendee ability to record video questions, on-site A/V, and video capture, and seamless integration of remote speakers into hybrid events.

Key Features

Performedia gathers the video your hybrid event needs to make your sponsors happy and to promote your current and future events.

  • Promo Videos - both for the event and for future events - we capture the interviews and b-roll, write the script, and edit the content into concise engaging marketing videos
  • Daily Thought Leader Clips - posted to social media and playing on monitors onsite, these soundbites are popular way to give your sponsors and luminaries greater visibility.
  • Online Booth Demos - the camera plays the part of the attendee visiting the booth onsite, walking around the booth and/or interviewing the sponsor
  • Daily Highlights Videos - the best content from top sessions, plus attendee and sponsor soundbites frame an exciting day-by-day summary video

A customizable Zoom player that lets YOU, rather than Zoom, decide what your attendees see from a branding standpoint, and with no need to install the Zoom software.

Here are some of the features available:

  • Live animated text ticker, with adjustable timings
  • Confetti showers the Zoom screen when certain items get clicked
  • Rotating (or static) clickable ad banners, with adjustable timings
  • Interactive surveys appear, plus you can track how each viewer answered
  • Automated delivery of customized CE certificates, plus notification of certifying bodies
  • Interactive polling questions, with animated bar chart results
  • No Zoom software download required, works on mobile and desktop
  • Zoom window stretches with the player, no matter how big or small users make it

Example of a recent hybrid webcast, including sample rotating ad banners, text ticker, integrated chat and private Ask a Question.

Performedia can provide unequaled menu-driven and lobby-style portals, but we're platform agnostic, and do everything that you need for a great hybrid event, including:

  • onsite AV - able to deliver perfect "mix-minus" audio for seamlessly integrating remote speakers into ballrooms and breakout rooms
  • video streaming gear and crews - including two switched cameras (wide & tight shot) for the price of only one, in each room
  • redundancy on site, plus automated failover from primary to backup streams, to make sure your content always remains uninterrupted
  • capture of video interviews and cover shots, plus quick-turn editing for - daily highlights videos, thought leader social media clips, event promo videos, video booth demos, etc.

Virtual Event Portal example.

You don’t have to sacrifice good looks for good navigation anymore.

No more getting lost in the expo hall - we make it easy for attendees to figure out where everything is – at a glance.

  • Clean menu-driven virtual event portals make it easy to go from A to B to C, so attendees don’t miss a moment.
  • Animated schedule includes descriptions, speaker links, watch buttons and “Add to My Schedule”
  • Menu bar, Help button and Comments button are always on the page, no matter where you scroll.
  • We can incorporate access to other websites and platforms within the content portal, as needed

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Interactive polling, quizzes and games help keep your attendees’ attention.

Studies have shown audiences retain more information when they are engaged with interactive activities.

  • Attendees both on site and online can participate equally, and have their answers and votes count (and counted).
  • Response page animated bar charts show the viewer’s choice, the correct answer, and the other answer tallies.
  • Answers are tracked and can be delivered via spreadsheet reports to clients for purposes of continuing education certification, workshops, etc.
  • Even on-demand attendees can have their votes and answers tallied and included in the overall count.

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Finally – a cure for sponsors’ virtual event blues . . .

We put sponsors in the eyeline of your attendees and coax them to go visit your exhibitors

  • Rotating ad banners and text ticker on the media player - where your attendees spend most of their time.
  • “Schedule A Meeting” calendar in sponsor spaces lets sponsors set their schedule and attendees set up a meeting.
  • Plus, with a meeting table right in the online booth, attendees can pull up a chair and meet with exhibitors right now!
  • Tracking tells sponsors who visited, what they clicked on, and how long they visited for.

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Is your virtual event ADA compliant? Captioning helps get you there.

Live or on demand, Performedia offers a range of captioning and interpretation choices.

  • English captioning helps meet current regulations on access.
  • Live foreign language interpretation helps reach audiences around the world.
  • Slide translation helps compete the effort – and we don’t shy away from technical topics.
  • Captioning also makes possible later granular searching through recorded content.

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We give your attendees fun stuff to do.

Engaged attendees spend more time viewing, networking, and interacting with sponsors.

  • Our leaderboard keeps track of who’s got the most points for visiting and doing things around the event website.
  • Attendees can get a stamp for each participating sponsor they visit.
  • The interactive trivia game in our media player lets your audience have fun, compete, and win prizes. And they can see who’s winning after each question.

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What’s the most important aspect of your virtual event to some attendees? Networking.

We make it easy to chat and interact with all the participants of your events.

  • Attendees can choose who they want to network with from the list or at tables where they simply pull up a chair.
  • Video, audio, and text, plus screenshare, whiteboarding, file transfer, and more.
  • Multiple people can be on one call, and you can invite more to join.
  • Sponsors can have a table in their space, plus attendees can schedule a video meeting with them for later.

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Making great promo videos for events that haven’t ever happened yet – yeah, we do that.

From promotion to attendee orientation to awards recognition, we’ve got you covered.

  • We can create them from scratch, including scripting, editing and posting.
  • Awards videos gather personal stories and bring them together in a video celebration.
  • Orientation videos for attendees, sponsors, and networking are part of the standard package.
  • We help sponsors create their videos, too, including interviews, demos, and product tours.

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Whether it’s free or pay to view – we make it quick and easy to register

Highly customizable registration capability means you can have it your way . . .

  • We can integrate with your existing registration system as long as it has an API
  • We can set up registration on our end and customize it to include pay wall integration, pre-conference surveys, coupon codes, customizable content packages and more.
  • We can also accept plain old spreadsheets – no charge for that!

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Who went where, watched what, for how long – we track everything . . .

You need to know, your sponsors need to know – what’s everybody doing?

  • Ability to track all pages visited and links clicked on.
  • For sessions we tell you who watched what content, when, and for how long.
  • Attendees can opt out when they register or when they log in.
  • We set you up with customized dashboards and reports covering the data that you are most interested in.

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We do everything – but you still have instant control

Once you hand off your spreadsheets, we do the rest. But you can tweak to your heart’s content.

  • We set up a folder for you on Google Drive so you can upload, download, and check 24/7.
  • We hand you a template spreadsheet with worksheets for sessions, speakers, attendees, sponsors and more.
  • If you want to make a change, you simply access the sheet, make your change, then click on the sync button.
  • Green/yellow/red color coding shows you where we are with your pre-records, and other status

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Got a conference? Let us print your conference badges on-site.

You’ve been in a queue for the past 10 minutes. Time to wave goodbye to queues with our super fast badge printing service. We can print anything you want at up to 4x the speed of a regular printer and we offer 24-hour turnaround.

  • Quick & Easy Walk-ins Registration.
  • Print Badges Onsite.
  • Customized Branding.
  • Reception Style Registration.
  • Sustainable Eco Badges.
  • Fully Flexible Event Technology

Put your lead data back to work with our Lead Retrieval

If you're looking for a way to efficiently capture leads and gather valuable data from events, trade shows, and other marketing activities, you've come to the right place. Our lead retrieval services provide a hassle-free solution to help you capture and manage leads effectively, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

  • Automatically import your leads.
  • Reverse lead retrieval.
  • Real-Time Information.
  • Onsite support team.

Event Internet in a Box

With venues charging rates much higher than they have ever been before, we know that bandwidth can be a significant challenge for anyone staging an event these days. That's why Performedia has partnered with Popup Wifi to provide you with a revolutionary solution.

  • Rent a unit.
  • Run a test.
  • Review the data.
  • Choose your next move.

What people are saying about Performedia

Thomas McGovern

Thomas McGovern, MD

Catholic Medical Association

If you are considering doing a virtual meeting, particularly for the first time, Performedia did a tremendous job for us. Made it fit exactly what we needed. They can customize it, and I liked the fact they customized for us, particularly with the trivia competition, which was highly popular.

Wayne Bowman

Wayne Bowman

Polyurethane Foam Association

This was the first time we've had to do a virtual meeting, and we asked you guys to educate us as we put it together, and you did a nice job of that. The other thing that happened was that during the course of the actual meeting, even when there were technical issues or changes that had to be made, you responded immediately and took care of them. The result was a very good user experience for our membership, and we've gotten very good compliments from them about that, and they've asked us to look at some of the online elements, and incorporating them into future meetings.

Daphney Partridge

Daphney Partridge

Missouri Hospital Association

Our attendees and our staff are hardwired to produce in-person events at the same venue. We have been doing it for 40 years. When we had to plan our first-ever entirely virtual event, there was a lot of anxiety about what that could look like. And what that might be like after the event, because we are also very hardwired to get both positive and negative feedback from attendees. We were incredibly surprised that after our very first-ever entirely virtual convention, that every bit of feedback we have received has been positive. We had positive feedback about, of course, the speakers themselves, but about the ease of using the platform, about engagement with other attendees. Of course it's just like in person, people walk off to the bar and have a drink together, they go have lunch in the restaurant. You don't know that networking's happening, but we had one of our CEOs respond and tell us that they were so happy they could see who was attending, and that they could intentionally connect with individuals. And they did that. And so we were very pleasantly surprised with the appearance of our virtual convention, the logistics of the convention, and also the networking that folks were able to do as a result of it.

Jennifer Crouse

Jennifer Crouse

American Seed Trade Association

In my 20 plus years of working as an event planner, I have found that there are certain vendors that are your go to tried and true partners, there are others who are just there to add you to their client list, and I deeply value a partner that is cheerfully helpful all the time that's that's one of my go to phrases is cheerfully helpful and. I have always found working with Peter, working with Matt - the entire team - everyone has always been over and above willing to help, willing to adapt and be flexible, as my needs keep changing and the demands on me for my other staff keep changing. No matter what I throw them in terms of curveballs, they are always there and willing and eager to help, so I've always really appreciated that, and you can see that that's their company culture and they're just cheerfully helpful, and a great partner.

Casey Stankus

Casey Stankus

1105 Media

We also have had more sponsors buying bulk sponsorships, so, you know, whereas before they would look at one event say, "Oh i'd like to buy this one spot at a summit," they all of a sudden were buying six or seven spots throughout the entire calendar year, just knowing that the experience with the Performedia team and the player that we've been using has been so seamless and easy, and has really resonated with our audience.

Kelly Gwynn

Kelly Gwynn


Performedia is an amazing company with a fantastic group of talented individuals. DirectTrust started using Performedia in 2020 and they made the switch from an in-person event to a fully virtual event a breeze. In 2021, we decided to have another virtual event and we were amazed by all of the new features they had incorporated into their platform in under a year. They are continuously improving their platform for the best user experience. We are so excited to continue our partnership with Performedia for many years!

Tammy Wells

Tammy Wells

Kentucky Hospital Association

Performedia was a wonderful resource for our annual convention. This was the first time we had ever attempted a virtual event of this magnitude and we could not have been in better hands. The few glitches we had were handled smoothly and professionally and the team was very responsive, even down to last-minute changes. We continue to hear high praise from our members and sponsors about what an incredible experience it was.

The entire team was very patient with all of our many questions, but Stephanie Wilson, our project lead, was especially wonderful to work with. I was very pleased with the detailed communication and prompt responses, but I was even more impressed with her dedication to our event and willingness to ensure even our last-minute requests were granted. I look forward to working with Performedia again soon!

Lindsay Morrissey

Lindsay Morrissey

Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

Performedia provided a seamless virtual event experience. From the planning stages to the day of the event, everything went so smoothly. They were incredibly professional, easy to work with, and elevated our event user experience. Their professionalism working with our speakers was outstanding, our event landing page looked so polished, and they handled last-minute event changes with ease. I would highly recommend working with Performedia!

Sue Hays Barr

Sue Hays Barr


We've had the expert professional support from the Performedia group for 3 of our member meetings of 400 to 500 people during COVID. The people working for Performedia are professionals in their fields, from project managers to television production pros. Our experience with them as a team has been super. We recommend them when your meeting or conference production needs grow beyond what you can manage by yourself and you are ready for a more professional-level experience for your audience.

Christina Garneski

Christina Garneski

American Public Transportation Association

Performedia has been great to work with. They are flexible, innovative, and always improving. I particularly appreciate how responsive they are to our speakers and attendees. They have been a great partner to us during a difficult year.

John Isherwood

John Isherwood

Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Working with Performedia has been a wonderful experience. They have allowed us to stay connected with customers and our key opinion leaders throughout the COVID pandemic. Their experience in developing engaging content and interactive programs have been a huge help to our organization.

Lisa Spiegel

Lisa Spiegel

Spondyloarthritis Research and Treatment Network

Performedia has been an excellent partner in producing our virtual annual meetings. The quality of the program and customer service were both exceptional and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience.

Amanda Ma

Amanda Ma

Innovate Marketing Group

Performedia is wonderful to work with. They are knowledgeable and always professional. They are a trusted vendor for various events we work on when it comes to AV needs.

Event Capture and Webcasting

Nothing beats attending a conference or event in person – even we admit that! Attending sessions, perusing the tradeshow floor or sharing a funny story as you sip cocktails during the networking events are pretty hard to replicate in the virtual world. HOWEVER, as most meeting planners and conference organizers know, it’s nearly impossible to reach 100% attendance at your physical event. Busy schedules, financial constraints, pesky weather and other factors are bound to weave their way into your attendance numbers. You don’t have much control over that, but what you do have control over, is what you DO with the CONTENT of your event. Do you want to reach those that weren’t able to make it? Do you want to allow your attendees to review sessions they found captivating or ones that they had to miss due to concurrent tracks? Do you want attendees to be able to share session content with their colleagues? If your answer to any of these questions is yes – that’s where we come in.

We recognize the importance not just of good content, but good content production values. Performedia captures sessions in HD-quality footage and captures any form of synchronized screen content (PowerPoints, web or software tours, movies – you name it!). Each portal has 24/7 client access to registration, tracking and viewership metrics on who is watching your content, when and for how long so you can key in on what resonates most with your online audience!

The session content is housed in a custom-branded player which in turn is displayed in a portal outfitted to mimic the look and feel of your company or event website or any other branding you would like – including sponsor branding. Our web design team can meet any specific branding needs you may have!

Content can be captured for on-demand, live or as-live purposes. Take a look at a couple examples here and here

Give us a call to talk us through your event and project and we can help guide you on best ways to maximize viewership!

High ROI Sponsor Benefits

As all in the conference industry know, a solid sponsorship base is the lifeblood of any vibrant and successful event. It’s a cutting edge world out there, and sponsors need to feel the love and that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck if they are to keep participating in your event year after year. If ROI benchmarks aren’t met, you can bet your belt buckle they’ll be looking to spend their money elsewhere.

Not to fear, Performedia can help keep that from happening with our handy toolbox of sponsor bennies that you can include in your sponsorship packages. A few “top sellers” are as follow:

Online Booth Demo:
Quick demo, up to 3-5 minutes in length that Performedia captures on-site of sponsor pitching to potential customers. Includes capture, slides and customer-branded player for each demo. Link is included on your event portal and your sponsor gets their own link that that they can use for marketing purposes EXAMPLE

Commercial Inserted at the Beginning of Each Session:
This can be a video your sponsor provides, or something Performedia captures on site (ie: “Hi, I’m Fred with Sponsor X. I hope you enjoy the session you are about to watch. If you ever have any needs in the area of what we do, I hope you will give us a call” – or something like that) and then insert prior to live or on-demand sessions (there can be different ads before different sessions, as desired) EXAMPLE

Banner Ad on the Session Media Player:
Performedia’s players and portals can display one or several banner ads, and can include a rotating banner ad that switches from sponsor to sponsor at a desired time interval. Here is an EXAMPLE of a session player with sponsor ad banner.

Newsmaker Interview:
These interviews are typically captured around the halls of the conference, or perhaps at a special “studio” Performedia sets up on the show floor. They are a chance for the sponsor to enunciate a vision, talk about new initiatives or products, or discuss the hot topics of the day EXAMPLE

Informational Session:
This is typically a session that the sponsor has paid to hold or participate in – it can be strictly informational, or it can be all about the sponsor’s products and/or services EXAMPLE

Give us a call to discuss the best way of parsing these benefits into your sponsor packages!

Event and Message Marketing

Part of what we do at Performedia is to bring our client’s stories to life with a variety of video production offerings ranging from video case studies to marketing messages. Shot in rich High Definition format, customers use these videos to kick off a general session, to wow a board meeting or promote their next event. As always, Performedia provides a turnkey service, from production planning, to interview transcripts, licensed music, professional narration, scripting, editing, and delivery of big screen and little screen versions of the finished content.

Continuing Education and Online Training

Our educational and institutional client base has grown larger than ever before. If your mission is to educate, inform or grant certification to your client base – look no further. In this busy world we live in, getting 100% participation in onsite training courses is becoming less feasible. With our Continuing Education and Online Training portals, your valuable content can be viewed in the comfort of your viewers’ home or office at a time that works for them.

Performedia can capture your lectures or sessions on site, or can use your existing footage and outfit it in for SCORM compliance. Our SCORM-compliant players work with virtually any LMS out there.

Questions people most often ask us about virtual and hybrid events


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