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Event Capture and Webcasting

Nothing beats attending a conference or event in person – even we admit that! Attending sessions, perusing the tradeshow floor or sharing a funny story as you sip cocktails during the networking events are pretty hard to replicate in the virtual world. HOWEVER, as most meeting planners and conference organizers know, it’s nearly impossible to reach 100% attendance at your physical event. Busy schedules, financial constraints, pesky weather and other factors are bound to weave their way into your attendance numbers. You don’t have much control over that, but what you do have control over, is what you DO with the CONTENT of your event. Do you want to reach those that weren’t able to make it? Do you want to allow your attendees to review sessions they found captivating or ones that they had to miss due to concurrent tracks? Do you want attendees to be able to share session content with their colleagues? If your answer to any of these questions is yes – that’s where we come in.

We recognize the importance not just of good content, but good content production values. Performedia captures sessions in HD-quality footage and captures any form of synchronized screen content (PowerPoints, web or software tours, movies – you name it!). Each portal has 24/7 client access to registration, tracking and viewership metrics on who is watching your content, when and for how long so you can key in on what resonates most with your online audience!

The session content is housed in a custom-branded player which in turn is displayed in a portal outfitted to mimic the look and feel of your company or event website or any other branding you would like – including sponsor branding. Our web design team can meet any specific branding needs you may have!

Content can be captured for on-demand, live or as-live purposes. Take a look at a couple examples here and here

Give us a call to talk us through your event and project and we can help guide you on best ways to maximize viewership!

High ROI Sponsor Benefits

As all in the conference industry know, a solid sponsorship base is the lifeblood of any vibrant and successful event. It’s a cutting edge world out there, and sponsors need to feel the love and that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck if they are to keep participating in your event year after year. If ROI benchmarks aren’t met, you can bet your belt buckle they’ll be looking to spend their money elsewhere.

Not to fear, Performedia can help keep that from happening with our handy toolbox of sponsor bennies that you can include in your sponsorship packages. A few “top sellers” are as follow:

Online Booth Demo:
Quick demo, up to 3-5 minutes in length that Performedia captures on-site of sponsor pitching to potential customers. Includes capture, slides and customer-branded player for each demo. Link is included on your event portal and your sponsor gets their own link that that they can use for marketing purposes EXAMPLE

Commercial Inserted at the Beginning of Each Session:
This can be a video your sponsor provides, or something Performedia captures on site (ie: “Hi, I’m Fred with Sponsor X. I hope you enjoy the session you are about to watch. If you ever have any needs in the area of what we do, I hope you will give us a call” – or something like that) and then insert prior to live or on-demand sessions (there can be different ads before different sessions, as desired) EXAMPLE

Banner Ad on the Session Media Player:
Performedia’s players and portals can display one or several banner ads, and can include a rotating banner ad that switches from sponsor to sponsor at a desired time interval. Here is an EXAMPLE of a session player with sponsor ad banner.

Newsmaker Interview:
These interviews are typically captured around the halls of the conference, or perhaps at a special “studio” Performedia sets up on the show floor. They are a chance for the sponsor to enunciate a vision, talk about new initiatives or products, or discuss the hot topics of the day EXAMPLE

Informational Session:
This is typically a session that the sponsor has paid to hold or participate in – it can be strictly informational, or it can be all about the sponsor’s products and/or services EXAMPLE

Give us a call to discuss the best way of parsing these benefits into your sponsor packages!

Event and Message Marketing

Part of what we do at Performedia is to bring our client’s stories to life with a variety of video production offerings ranging from video case studies to marketing messages. Shot in rich High Definition format, customers use these videos to kick off a general session, to wow a board meeting or promote their next event. As always, Performedia provides a turnkey service, from production planning, to interview transcripts, licensed music, professional narration, scripting, editing, and delivery of big screen and little screen versions of the finished content.

Continuing Education and Online Training

Our educational and institutional client base has grown larger than ever before. If your mission is to educate, inform or grant certification to your client base – look no further. In this busy world we live in, getting 100% participation in onsite training courses is becoming less feasible. With our Continuing Education and Online Training portals, your valuable content can be viewed in the comfort of your viewers’ home or office at a time that works for them.

Performedia can capture your lectures or sessions on site, or can use your existing footage and outfit it in for SCORM compliance. Our SCORM-compliant players work with virtually any LMS out there.

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