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7 Ways To Engage Virtual Attendees With Performedia's Unbeatable Platform

June 30, 2022

Virtual events are very conducive, both for organizers and attendees. After all, no one needs to leave their home or city and spend several hours on a flight to attend the event. With a stable internet connection and a couple of speakers, companies can set up events quickly. 

However, a virtual event has to be done right to pay off maximally. As attendees are at home and not at your venue, it becomes easier for them to get distracted from your event. This could prevent them from gaining maximally from your event. To avoid this, it's important to include exciting activities or sessions to engage your audience. 

With a platform like Performedia, you can choose from a variety of engaging activities to feature in your event. From branded content environments to virtual games and live polls, Performedia is ever-ready to help you create unique events. In this article, we'll look at seven ways you can engage your virtual attendees with Performedia's amazing platform

How To Engage Your Audience Using Perfomedia's Amazing Platform 

Here are some ways you can use Performedia's platform to engage your audience:

  • Event theme

Choosing a great event theme provides a relatable concept that attendees can key into. This enables them to identify better with your event and your company. Additionally, an event theme is a great way to brand your event and can be included in your publicity campaigns and advertising. 

Event themes also help your potential audience understand what they stand to gain by attending your event. By providing this assurance, you're able to attract more of your target audience to your event. 

  • Amazing speakers

Think of an authority in your field who you respect so much. If they were invited to an event you were attending to speak on their work, what would be your reaction? Positive? That's how it is for attendees when you invite authorities to your event. 

Having recognized experts speak at your event adds credibility to your business. Also, since your attendees are better inclined to believe that they'd gain from your event, they'd be more attentive and engaged. This helps you derive more engagement from your attendees. 

  • Networking 

One of the biggest reasons people attend events is to meet new business contacts. By meeting experts, business leaders, and potential mentors, attendees boost their career chances. 

With Performedia's excellent networking capacity, you can facilitate networking sessions between attendees. You can include group sessions where up to four people can interact. You can also have breakout rooms, where attendees can have enhanced one-to-one discussions. 

  • Virtual games

With tons of virtual games supported by Performedia's platform, you can break the boredom with a light game to engage your attendees. Select a game that's easy and exciting for everyone, and have one or two sessions where everyone can loosen up with some lighthearted fun.

Games provide an avenue for creating bonds between attendees organically and are a classic icebreaker. This helps your attendees loosen up a bit more, facilitating networking and engagement. 

  • Live polls

There's certainly a better alternative to having your virtual attendees stare at a screen for hours with no way of interacting with your event. You can boost the interactivity at your event by including a live poll. Having attendees share a little about themselves or their opinion about a topic makes them feel like a part of it all. 

It also adds to the learning experience, especially when you display the poll results shortly after. By showing attendees that they are an essential part of your event, polls facilitate engagement at events. 

  • Virtual entertainment 

With tons of virtual entertainment ideas you can incorporate using Performedia's platform, revving up the atmosphere at your event is barely a task. From virtual mini-games to mini-concerts and comedy shows, there's virtually no limit to entertainment types you can incorporate into your event. 

Just ensure to choose an entertainment type that mirrors your audience's interest, and you're good to go! 

  • Intuitive virtual content environments 

Navigating through a virtual event shouldn't be a difficult task. And if it happens to be so, it can be pretty frustrating, making attendees disengage from the event. Our platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-navigate virtual environment, allowing attendees to move from one point to another easily. This facilitates the experience for attendees, boosting engagement. 

Tips for Creating An Engaging Event 

Here are a few tips to help you create an engaging event for your attendees: 

  • Choose the right platform 

With tons of solutions available on the market, knowing which platform to use for your event can seem challenging. However, to get the right platform, it's best to study your audience and understand your business needs. By determining what features you want at your event, you can choose a platform that suits your business. 

  • Provide engaging, relevant content 

The phrase "Content is king!" is probably the most used cliché in the digital world today, but it doesn't make it less true. Great content is the best way to market your business and position yourself as a reliable authority. Work with your team and speakers to deliver excellent sessions to your attendees. With excellent content, you build more credibility with your audience. 

  • Schedule breaks

No matter how engaging your event is, your attendees need a little time to relax and digest some of the value they're getting from your event. Breaks also allow attendees to network and build their business contacts. So, don't be afraid to add a few breaks in-between sessions – they'll pay off! 

  • Promote networking

According to studies conducted by LinkedIn, 80% of professionals consider networking to be crucial to their career success. You can maximize the value of your event by introducing innovative ways to have attendees interact with one another. From online chats to breakout rooms and virtual tables, there are several ways you can encourage your audience to interact with fellow attendees. 


Performedia is a leading virtual and hybrid events platform trusted by some of the biggest clients in the world. With several years of experience helping our clients create the best experience at their events, we're always delighted to help you give your virtual attendees a first-class treatment that boosts engagement.