Interactive Content that Brings the On-Site Experience to Life

Virtualized Events Adjust to the New Normal

We think speakers should look sharp, even if they are presenting remotely. That’s why Performedia takes a hi-touch, boutique approach to session streaming. There’s a lot more to making it look competent and professional than sending out Zoom invites. Every speaker gets an advance prep call, during which it can take as much as an hour or more to get them set up and looking and sounding their best. And we stay with them all the way through their session. Please click here to visit a Sample Virtual Event Portal


Interactive Elements Keep Viewers Involved and Engaged
We’re helping dozens of clients take their physical events into the virtual world. With sharp easy to navigate environments that support networking, exhibitor meetings and gamification. Nobody travels, everybody participates. See interactive polling question example above at 26:32 into the clip. Please click here to see a Trivia Game snippet


Foreign Language Captions & Slides Reach Global Audiences
No matter what language your content is delivered in, let Performedia help you reach a global audience with English and foreign language captioning and slide translation. Other interactive elements such as clickable indexing allow viewers to get right to what interests them – leading to increased viewing. Please click here to see a clickable index sample. And here to see how we approach panel discussions.



Custom Portals Register and Track Your Viewers (and can take payments!)

Make Your Event Website a Destination
With live video, front and center on the main page, event webistes become a destination for those who can’t be there in person. Performedia can create a video access page that looks and acts like part of your event web presence


Press Pages Get Your Story Out to Those Covering Your Event
By choosing soundbites from sessions or interviews that further your message, and then making them available as broadcast-quality video, audio, and text allows you to get more coverage from reporters, bloggers, and podcasters, while steering coverage toward your priorities. Performedia takes care of it, including picking and posting the soundbites.


Sponsor Video Brings in More Revenue
Does your event have sponsors, partners, and/or exhibitors? Performedia offers a wide range of virtual event sponsor benefits and content designed to bring in more traffic and tracking (who watched what, when, for how long) to help take home leads. Please click here to see our media player’s animated text ticker and rotating ad banners. Please click here for an example of how we help attendees meet with sponsors in between virtual event conference sessions


Video Case Studies, Event Promos, and Marketing Videos

A professionally produced promotional video can do wonders to expand your brand and drive up registration numbers for your future event. Performedia has over 20 years experience in producing and capturing promos. Here are just a few examples of our work:

EMC Software Video Case Study

shows how one of our clients helps one of their clients with their products and services.


AFCEA DCOS 2016 Event Promo

shows what is exciting about the event and tells why attendees keep coming back.


Predictive Analytics World Promo
Predictive Analytics World Promo
uses primarily still images, text, music and animation to make the case for attending this event.

From the Simple to the Sublime – Easy Podcasts, Virtual Sets and Audience Interaction

Many of Performedia’s customers are now utilizing an alternative to the cost and hassle of face-to-face events or actual tv studio bookings by using our virtual set solution. We bring the studio to you! Your conference room becomes a huge tv studio with multiple camera angles, customized sets and integrated video roll-ins. With the ability to incorporate presenters’ computer screen activity, sponsor logos, animated lower-third titles, and live video of distant speakers, Performedia’s virtual studio may be just the innovative offering you were looking for. Many clients also offer podcast content for education and training. Performedia facilitates this by sending headset mics to the presenters, capturing the audio remotely, providing a moderator, and editing the finished audio file. And what better way for sponsors to engage attendees than to have prize and game interactivity during the event. Click on the images below for examples.

Continuing Education

When you can’t get everyone into the classroom, let your audience watch and learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their home or office.

Continuing Education for Professionals – from the Case Management Society of America annual conference. Continuing education is a hot content area for events, both in terms of bringing in attendees and in bringing in revenue. The CMSA members who pay to access this session (and 17 other CE sessions from the show), then fill out the pop-up evaluation at the end, will get 2 hours of CE credit.


Please click here to read the Ezine article by Katia Potapov, Performedia, “Presentation Techniques – 7 Ways to Captivate Your Audience”.

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