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How Performedia helps you create event videos to engage your audience and delight your sponsors 

August 15, 2022

Event organizers are occupied with at least two important things: making sponsors happy and ensuring they reach and engage the right audience. An excellent way of doing this is by creating videos for your event. Video content drives engagement and helps you deliver sponsored content to your audience in a relatable way. 

In fact, according to the latest research, 52% of marketers say that video helps them connect better with their customers. With several years of experience and our comprehensive boutique approach, Performedia has created great videos for multiple clients. Whether you need a testimonial video to showcase your past attendees, or a full recording of the session to release on-demand, Performedia is always on hand to make the job easier for you. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of creating video content and show you just how we create amazing videos for our clients. 

Why is video content so engaging?  

According to the research, video is winning. Studies show that videos get 12 times more shares than video and text combined. And as Cisco projects, videos will make up about 82% of all online consumer traffic in 2022

But why does video engage audiences so well? For one, videos have also been shown to evoke emotions that help users connect to the message and share or like the video. Videos make it easier for your message to get to the user quickly and reduce the work of interpretation. This way, videos can quickly establish relevance to a viewer, as viewers can determine what the video is about in a few seconds. 

Also, human eyes are attracted to movement. And video creators harness this natural tendency to create memorable and rewarding content. Additionally, videos combine visual and auditory cues, two powerful senses that evoke emotion and incite action. By seamlessly incorporating these senses, videos can capture attention better and facilitate engagement. 

Video also gives your organization a more human face. For example, compare the effect of reading a company’s ‘About Us’ page to watching the company’s executives introduce themselves in a short video. Indeed, the latter option is more engaging! While videos do not eliminate the usefulness of text, it’s important to note that there are things video does that text cannot do. And it’s all the more reason to incorporate video into your event. 

Benefits of creating video content for sponsors 

Here are the benefits of creating video content for your sponsors: 

  • Improves visibility 

Whatever the event type, visibility is the primary objective of event sponsors. It allows them to gain relevance, build their reputation and engage their target market. And with the ability of video to ensure that the target audience sees and engages with the sponsor, it becomes easier for the sponsor to present their product or brand to their target customer. 

  • Facilitates engagement

A remarkable characteristic of videos is their ability to grab and hold the audience's attention. By connecting with the target audience and demonstrating relevance, videos provide a reason to pay attention to event content. This allows the sponsor to pass their message. 

  • Helps the online audience feel more involved

Keeping focused is one of the main issues online audiences face, often due to environmental distractions or plain-old boredom. Videos provide a break from the static slides and a more exciting way to engage with the event. Additionally, you can use video to present a view of the event venue, allowing your virtual audience to have a better feel of the event. 

  • Maximizes screen time

For marketers, screen time is critical. According to the latest research, the average attention span is 8 seconds. Sponsors need to up their game even more to attract their target audience. Thankfully, videos are able to attract people in a few seconds, allowing sponsors to utilize screen time effectively. 

  • Boosts sponsor ROI

Event sponsorships are a great way to generate qualified leads and boost sales for sponsors. This is because, by providing access to target customers, your event allows your sponsors to market directly to them. Videos make marketing easier, allowing you to make more impact. 

How Performedia helps you gather great videos for your sponsors 

Performedia helps you gather videos that engage your attendees and generate impact for your sponsors: 

  • Total boutique approach 

Performedia works directly with stakeholders with our total boutique approach to determine what’s best for you, your sponsors, and your audience. We handle the video capture on-site, and with our platform, ensure that it gets to all your virtual attendees live. 

  • Video scripting, editing and posting 

Promo videos are a great way to create buzz around your event, and we at Performedia understand this well. Whatever the concept you have in mind, we’re ready to handle your video from scratch, from scripting to editing to posting. And we understand the importance of having a polished final piece, which is why our team deftly stitches every part of the video to tell a compelling story. With Performedia, making great promo videos is easy!

  • Multiple video types 

Performedia is ready to help you create a host of videos that convey your event’s value in various ways. Whether it’s promo videos that excite your target audience or daily thought leader clips to share on social media, Performedia will help you deliver quality consistently. 


Videos are a great way to engage your audience and help your sponsors gain traction with their target customers. And with Performedia, creating amazing videos for your customers is a breeze! Give us a call today, and let us elevate your events with high-quality videos!