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How videos can help sponsors gain or increase visibility

August 9, 2022

Visibility is one of the most critical benefits for event sponsors. It helps them engage their target audience in a credible, value-driven environment. Most importantly, it is the primary way that event organizers can repay sponsors for their sponsorship. 

So, as an event organizer, your priority is to find effective ways to promote visibility for your sponsors. The better you can positively represent your sponsor’s image to attendees, the more the sponsor can get a great ROI. One way to boost this visibility is through video content. 

Videos “tug at heartstrings,” adding an extra layer of credibility to your sponsors. In this article, we’ll look at how video can boost visibility for your sponsors. 

Why sponsors need visibility at your event 

Here are a few reasons why visibility is critical for your event sponsors:

  • Boost their reputation

Virtual events are hubs of professionals and experts in a field, and provide credibility to your organization. By getting involved in your event, sponsors can boost their reputation by association. Their potential customers associate your sponsors with you, and the sponsor can benefit from the credibility and authority that your event gives your business. When it’s better recognized and respected, potential customers can trust your sponsor’s products, boosting its sales. This transforms the increased reputation into valuable income for your sponsor. 

  • Engage niche markets

Niche markets with fewer customers can be challenging to get into, as it’s harder to access the target customer. And, even more, your business must be trustworthy for customers to patronize it. Businesses in niche markets have to handle these difficulties when starting. But sponsored events are a great way to engage your target audience, and many businesses recognize this. According to Indeed, event sponsorships help niche marketers gain “high-quality leads that are interested in your solutions or products.”

  • Interact with prospective customers

Whether your sponsor is in a niche market or not, customer interaction is valuable for their business. For one, it provides a space for customers and businesses to converse and build memorable relationships. If your attendee and the sponsor had a great interaction, it would be a great motivator for them to patronize the sponsor in the future. 

It is also a way for sponsors to demonstrate how existing or new products solve problems, allowing the business to show off its new solutions and encourage prospective customers to purchase. It also helps provide firsthand information to the company. Current customers can communicate their problems, and the business can implement changes where necessary. By providing a place for this interaction, sponsored events allow businesses to gain more relevance. 

  • Gain industry insights

Virtual and hybrid events are industry hubs, as they provide an environment where experts and critical players can interact and share knowledge. This knowledge may be very valuable to your sponsors, as it helps them better understand the terrain of the industry. This is particularly valuable for industries that are changing rapidly, as sponsors can quickly gain a handle on best practices and stay ahead of the curve. These insights are valuable in product development, marketing, branding, and more, helping the sponsor gain a positive edge. 

  • Boost their ROI 

According to research by Forrester, event sponsorship is one of the most effective marketing techniques for businesses. In fact, businesses typically expect to make between 3:1 and 5:1 returns on marketing investment via events. This represents huge returns for businesses, allowing sponsors to reap their initial investment several times over, and generating increased sales. Event sponsorship facilitates an increased ROI due to increased reach. 

How to use video to boost sponsor visibility 

Here are a few best practices to help your sponsor boost visibility with videos: 

  • Create various kinds of videos 

Take advantage of the ability to create multiple videos to create content that reaches every segment of your target audience. Certain people respond better to testimonial videos; others may respond well to thought leader clips. By creating various types of videos, you can attract a broader section of your target audience. 

  • Post videos on multiple platforms

If your business has customers on different platforms, it’s essential to reach everyone, no matter where they are. So, it’s important to post on multiple social media platforms. However, each platform has its best practices, and it’s crucial to know what they are when posting. Don’t simply recycle video content; create videos for each platform, to maximize your video campaign. 

  • Include brand-sponsored content 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to boost business reach. Including valuable content from your sponsor helps you to boost their relevance to their target market. You can even partner with your sponsor to create tailored content for your event, providing greater value to them. 

  • Create great captions and descriptions 

One of the easiest ways to capture the attention of your potential audience and attract them to your event is to create a great caption that establishes relevance. A concise caption explains what the video is about, encouraging people who are interested in that to click. 

  • Employ video SEO 

Video SEO involves using best practices to make your video content easy to find on search engines like Google and YouTube. SEO is an excellent way of driving organic traffic to your website and creating buzz about the event topic. If you’re using YouTube, ensure all the metadata is provided and maximized, such as titles, descriptions, and links. Use a catchy thumbnail that represents what your event is about, and ensure that the video is fully optimized so it can easily reach your target audience. 


Video is a great way to get your message to the right audience quickly and efficiently. And even better, it can help you generate more value for your sponsor, boosting your ability to negotiate better sponsorship for future events. With videos, you can boost visibility for your sponsor while increasing your audience engagement.