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Bizzabo Competitors and Alternatives

October 11, 2022

If you're reading this article, you're probably trying to decide which event platform you will use for your next event. It's an important decision, and your choice will potentially impact your business. Your event platform will certainly influence the quality of the event that you offer to your attendees and can be an opportunity to boost your credibility in the market.

So, if you're looking for the perfect virtual or hybrid events platform for your business, we'll be glad to help you on this journey. In this article, we'll look at some top employee platforms that can be an alternative to Bizzabo. We'll also walk you through the key elements of a great virtual or hybrid events platform.

What makes a great event platform? 

What makes an event platform a great choice? Here are some of the factors:

  • Easy event registration

A great event platform allows your attendees to register quickly and easily with a button. You should also be able to add payments, coupons, or other customization.

  • Excellent live streaming

This is one of the most crucial aspects of an event. Your chosen event platform should make live streaming easy, so your attendees can enjoy the value your speakers have to offer

  • Event marketing

A great event platform allows you to market your event effectively to your target audience. This way, you're sure to attract more of your ideal attendees to your event.

  • Event management

Event management can be tasking. A great event platform lets you control every aspect of your event planning and organization from one unified place.

  • Event analytics

A great event platform lets you generate detailed reports about your event's performance. This helps you show your sponsors how much value they gained from your event, assuring the quality of your event.

Top 10 Bizzabo Competitors and Alternatives 

Check out the following Bizzabo alternatives for your next virtual or hybrid event: 

  1. Performedia

We are a virtual and hybrid events platform that helps businesses create bespoke, high-quality events for audiences. Performedia offers a unique total boutique approach to event management and organization. With Performedia, every step of event planning is easy and stress-free. Performedia makes event registration easy, with a highly-customizable event registration feature. It also ensures that your attendees get an amazing experience with quizzes, polls, and event engagement features. With many satisfied corporate clients, Performedia is a great choice for businesses.

  1. Aventri

Aventri's event management platform helps businesses and brands create amazing virtual, hybrid, and in-person events for their businesses. With Aventri's event platform, you can create high-quality live events for your business, with on-demand functionality included. Aventri's seamless event registration process allows your attendees to register without hassle. It also allows you to strengthen your event publicity with simple, responsive no-code websites dedicated to your event. Aventri also offers amazing sponsorship packages and networking. This way, your sponsors and attendees derive amazing value. 

  1. Hopin

Hopin is an all-in-one, robust event management platform that lets you plan, organize, and execute events on or off the Internet. Hopin allows organizations to create virtual and hybrid events with its highly-responsive platform. The platform allows you to customize your events based on your audience or sponsors' needs. Whether you have a 100-person or 10,000-person event, you're guaranteed a high-quality experience. Hopin also allows integrations for photo booths, quizzes, and games, so you can keep your audience engaged throughout the event. Pricing starts at $99 per user per month. 

  1. Cvent

Cvent is a great event management platform to help businesses plan and execute excellent virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Cvent offers software and services in event management, marketing, and audience engagement, so every step of the journey is covered. Cvent's software allows you to automate promotions and communications, ensuring you get the word about your event out to the right audience. And with its responsive mobile app, you can manage every aspect of your event from one place. 

  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a leading event marketing platform that allows event organizers to create and promote in-person events. Eventbrite allows organizers to provide automated ticketing and registration so that attendees can register seamlessly. Eventbrite shows people in an area all the upcoming events on its platform, allowing you to showcase your event to your target industry directly. With Eventbrite, you can also incorporate social media marketing into your campaign, ensuring your event reaches your target audience directly. 

  1. Splash

Splash is a top event management platform allowing companies to market, manage, and measure virtual, hybrid, and in-person events on one platform. Splash allows you to design excellent, fully branded event marketing templates. With Splash, implementing your event marketing campaign is easy, with engaging event pages and great emails you can send with a single click. Splash also offers excellent analytics, so you can track the results of your events and boost your efficiency. 

  1. Hubilo

Hubilo is a great virtual event management platform that helps businesses plan and execute amazing virtual events that meet their audience's needs. With some of the world's biggest corporate clients in its portfolio, Hubilo has the facilities to make event planning and organizing a breeze for your business. Hubilo helps you take your events to the next level, from excellent event engagement to advanced branding capabilities. 

  1. Eventpedia

Eventpedia's advanced platform is available to help you deliver a seamless experience, whether you want to create a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. From a responsive, customizable digital app to data analytics, Eventpedia ensures you make your events excellent every time. Eventpedia also allows attendees to interact with virtual product demos, networking, and topic discussions. 

  1. Eventdex

Eventdex is a one-stop platform for your hybrid, virtual or in-person event needs. For virtual events, Eventdex offers a robust event app that meets your sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees' needs. Eventdex also allows your attendees to interact with virtual roundtables, chat, and more. Eventdex also offers a B2B matchmaking platform so that event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors can meet online. 

  1. Whova 

Whova is an award-winning event management platform designed to make event organization easy for you. Recognized among the top 100 global software companies, Whova makes every step of the process easier with effective event planning, affordable event registration, and excellent event marketing. 


Choosing a great event platform is always a good decision for your organization. With an excellent event platform for your virtual or hybrid event, you're in a better position to thrill your attendees.