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How Performedia Integrations Enhance Your Event Experience

November 9, 2022

Event planning can be stressful, so at Performedia, we help you every step of the way. We are an all-inclusive event platform that allows you to have events both virtually and in hybrid form. Our professional team is here to ensure that all your events are planned and executed perfectly. In this article, we will examine why Performedia is the best platform to have a seamless event experience.

Tips for Organizing a Successful Event 

A lot of effort is needed to achieve a successful event. Below are some tips you need to organize an event that will leave both your clients and their audience satisfied.

  • Define your goals

When you want to organize an event virtually or in-person, you must define your goals. What do you aim to achieve at the end of the day and how do you want to achieve this? Smart objectives are created when you map out the format your event will follow.

  • Build a strong team

Your event will always be successful with the right people on your team. Get people ready to work hard, and ensure they have the skills to meet event needs.

  • Make a structured plan 

A plan that is well structured is another tip for organizing a successful event. Your plan should include logistics, promotion of the event, and content of the event. Always start early to plan your event. Make sure to write every single task that needs to be carried out and share it with each team member. Planning helps you to meet all your objectives for an event.

  • Concentrate on the details

Thinking about everything, from the venue to be used down to the smallest details, like how guests will be registered, is a great way to organize an interesting event. Good results always come from going the extra mile and paying attention to little details. Try to exceed your guests' expectations.

  • Have an alternative plan

Sometimes plans change, and not having an alternative can be chaotic. You can never go wrong with a backup plan in case the ones in place don't work out. For example, you might need to change the venue of your event at the last minute; or one of the guest speakers cancels, and you have to replace that person. When there is an alternative plan in place, it eases the transition.

  • Make a final check

A final check-up on everything before the main day of the event is important. Make sure to do a run-through and check that every single task has been done. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, ensure that a final detailed check is done. From ensuring that your venue is secured to ensuring that your team members are ready for the day, to sending out reminders to guests about the venue and time of the event.

  • Ask for feedback

Conducting a survey is a great way to know if your event was a success. Ask key questions and leave a space for guests to comment on their thoughts about the event. Feedback from the attendees gives you an idea of what went well and what you can improve upon. 

Key Features of Performedia to Boost Your Event's Success

Here are key features of Performedia to boost your event's success:

  • Seamless event registration

Performedia is tailored to satisfy our client's needs, even in minute details such as registration for your event. Our platform supports various payment options, so attendees can pay how they want. Performedia can also customize your registration page however you want it, whether it's adding a landing page or a lead magnet.

  • Promo videos for your event

Promo videos are a good way to get people to know about and attend your events. At Performedia, we put together well thought and planned-out videos that will give your event a buzz. We create these videos from scratch and even help with the video's script, editing, and posting.

  • Analytical tools

As an event organizer, you want to keep an eye on your guests' activities. We help you track visited pages, content people are viewing, when guests log in, and more. We also set up customizable dashboards that track specific data you are interested in, like how many people left during a session.

  • Attendee networking functionality

At Performedia, we give attendees the opportunity to network with whomever they want. Multiple people can be on a call at once, and more can be invited. File transfer and knowledge sharing is also an option from wherever you are.

  • Attendee engagement features

Performedia makes sure that attendees are properly engaged. Interactive trivia games are available, and you can allocate prizes to the winners of such games. The attendees can also interact with sponsors and network with other professionals. There is never a dull moment when hosting your event with Performedia.

  • Total boutique approach

Organizing an online event is very tedious, so we have a team that is put in place to ease that burden. We take care of planning and executing your online event so that it can be a success. We even have an on-site support team ready to cater to the needs of every guest at the event.

  • Improved accessibility

Easy access to event channels is one of the benefits of using Performedia. The success of an event is also dependent on how easily guests can get the materials needed for the event. From well-laid-out event schedules to menu-driven virtual event portals, Performedia allows them to navigate channels without getting lost. 


Performedia is here to make you look good. We offer the best of services to boost your event's success and leave attendees satisfied. We make sure to look into every little detail, help you plan the event perfectly, and assist you in giving everyone a great experience at every event.