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Stress-free Events With Performedia: We do all the Work So You Can Sit Back And Relax

September 19, 2022

At Performedia, we want all our clients to have a seamless experience bringing value to their audience. We know that event planning is stressful – and the pandemic has worsened situations – so we bring our A-game to every event where you call on us. And our A-game is not merely our passion. It’s years of experience in the event industry, several satisfied clients, and one of the best event platforms on the market.

With Performedia, you’re assured of a consistently great experience at your event. But we won’t just have you take our word for it. We’ll show you just how we take the load off your back and help you create an amazing experience at your event, whatever your industry. This article looks at the key metrics for a successful event and shows how Performedia helps you create a stress-free event for your attendees.

What are the key metrics for a successful event? 

A few critical factors are needed for an event to be considered successful, whatever the business type or industry. They include: 

  • Relaxed atmosphere 

Creating a great atmosphere for your event is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful event. A conducive atmosphere helps your attendees to relax and provides a positive outlook on your company or organization. A great atmosphere also helps to prepare your attendees to be receptive to other aspects of your program. When they’re relaxed, they’re more likely to engage with your event and gain maximally from what you’ve prepared. A relaxed atmosphere will always do you good, whether your event is a product launch, gala, or industry conference. 

  • Excellent organization

A great event is one where every aspect, more or less, goes well. Planning and executing an event involves several moving parts that organizers must effectively coordinate. From onboarding to the event platform to tech equipment and event moderation, every aspect of the event will need to work harmoniously to meet its goals. Of course, problems may arise due to multiple reasons out of your control. But with excellent organization, there’s always a plan to ensure things remain on track. 

  • Engaged audience

As an event organizer, your target customer is your audience. They are why your event was organized and why your sponsors are paying for visibility at your event. Event organizers and managers also attest to this, with stats showing that 49% of marketers believe that event engagement is the biggest factor for a successful event. So, it’s important to do what it takes to have an engaged audience. A successful event is one where attendees feel they have benefited maximally and have spent their time well. 

  • Great ROI

Events are one of the key marketing tools for organizations and sponsors. Sponsors harness the visibility at events to get access to their target customers, and organizations that host events use them as an opportunity to build credibility within the chosen industry. So, ensuring that the event meets its marketing goals is not out of place. By understanding how the event promotes revenue growth at your business, you’re sure of its importance and how best you can market or promote future events. 

  • Delighted sponsors 

Sponsors are a valuable component of an event. Not only do they help you cover the costs of your event, but they also help boost engagement at your event. Sponsorship booths showcase new products and the latest developments in the industry, and interactions with sponsors can help bridge the gaps, especially in a fast-paced industry. A great event can create a seamless experience for sponsors, giving them excellent value for what they’ve put in to make your event successful. 

How Performedia Makes Your Event Stress-free 

Here’s how we make your event stress-free:

  • Total Boutique Approach 

At Performedia, we take pride in our comprehensive boutique approach, ensuring that we understand what you need before taking action. We work with you to determine exactly what you need so that we can help you create innovative ways to achieve your event goals. 

  • Customizable Registration 

Registration is a way to confirm that a potential attendee will attend your event. It’s also a great way to collect valuable details such as emails, names, and more. We help you create custom registration that collects the data you need. 

  • Great Branding Experience

Branding is a great way to present the image and voice of the company to your audience. Our virtual platform provides multiple opportunities to showcase your brand and your sponsors, like our customizable Zoom player, virtual booths, banners, and more. 

  • Interactive Virtual Environment 

Performedia’s virtual event platform makes it easy for virtual attendees to navigate and move from one point to another on the platform. And with a help button on every page, attendees can always ask for help if needed. 

  • Excellent Video Coverage 

Video drives engagement and helps build a human connection. So, we at Performedia help you conceptualize, gather, edit, and publish the video you need to boost engagement at your event. 

  • Sponsor Benefits 

We understand how important it is for your sponsors to derive value from your events. So, from virtual sponsor booths to customizable video players, we help your sponsor get the visibility and interaction they need. 

  • Great Networking 

Networking is a critical aspect of events. Our platform makes it easy for attendees to connect and interact. From our interactive games and polls to virtual tables for up to 8 attendees, networking is easier with Performedia. 

  • Extensive Analytics 

Data analytics helps you derive insights from your event. We help you gather useful data every step of the way, so you can use the reports to understand your audience better. 


Creating a stress-free event is every event organizer’s dream. We at Performedia are keen on turning this into reality. We help you with every step, from registration to video capture to analytics, so that event creation becomes easier and more accessible.

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