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Craving Virtual/Hybrid Engagement? Look at Performedia Events! 

July 12, 2022

As event organizers will agree, an essential component of a successful event is the ability to engage and interact with the audience. But creating engaging events is an art, and to get consistent results, it must be mastered. As an event organizer, you may have had tons of experience with in-person events, with several raving reviews. 

However, virtual and hybrid events introduce another dynamic to the picture. As many of your attendees will be behind their screens in many locations, it’s easier for them to be distracted. So, how do you ensure they stay glued to their screens and engage with your event? At Performedia, creating engaging events is an art form we’ve mastered, if we say so ourselves. As an event organizer, you want to ensure that your audience gets that high-quality experience, even from their screen. This is why we’re showing you exactly how we’ll help you create an engaging event for your organization. We’ll also discuss why engagement is crucial for events. 

Why Do You Need More Engagement At Your Virtual Event? 

  • Improved value 

According to a 2020 report by Bizzabo, over 80% of B2B marketing professionals rate event engagement as important for determining an event’s success. This statistic critically reflects how audiences decide an event is valuable. 

Engagement with the audience is an indication that the organization considers the attendees a crucial part of the event. Additionally, by brainstorming ways to engage the audience, organizers find more effective ways to communicate valuable content. This way, they can see the event in a better light and derive more value from it. 

  • Facilitates networking

Networking is an important component of events. According to the latest research, most professionals believe that in-event networking is crucial for career development. But meeting new people can be tricky, especially high-profile personalities or thought leaders. 

Engaging in activities can relax attendees, encouraging them to break the ice and start the conversation. Engaging content can also be a great conversation starter, providing a common subject for first introductions. 

  • Limits distractions 

Distractions are the enemy of engagement. And where conscious efforts are not made to engage the audience, they may remain present but may not be fully engaged. In fact, according to the State of Virtual Meetings Report from, up to 40.3% of people say they frequently multitask during virtual meetings. Further, according to Zippia, 55% of attendees say they check their email during a virtual event. These distractions limit the ability of audience members to gain maximally. But by making your event more engaging, attendees are able to pay more attention to your event. 

  • Improved attendance

Because engaging events tend to deliver more value in terms of content and networking, they are more memorable to attendees. This makes past attendees more willing to return to future events, as they can trust your ability to deliver. They also become informal ambassadors of your event, spreading the word to colleagues about your event. 

How Performedia will help you create an engaging event! 

Performedia is a leader in the business of creating highly engaging events. Here are some of the ways we help you create an engaging event: 

  • Brandable virtual environment 

According to leaders in the industry, branding is crucial for competing effectively. Research shows that people spend up to 57% more on trustworthy brands. Performedia is conscious of this and is on hand to help you promote your brand via your event. And it’s not just for commercial outfits that branding is crucial. For non-profits and other organizations, branding increases your visibility and recognition, making you more trustworthy. 

Branding helps you present your organization’s unique voice and shows attendees what sets your event apart. With Performedia’s brandable event platform and Zoom player, nearly everywhere can be branded. This way, you become more memorable to your attendees, just how you like it. 

  • Virtual games

Gamification is becoming even more prominent in events. With gamification, you can provide fun activities for your attendees, making them more relaxed. Performedia’s virtual platform allows you to create custom, interactive trivia games. The scores are calculated instantly, and animated charts display the leaderboards. This way, everyone can see who is leading. 

  • Live polls and quizzes 

Research shows that attendees retain more information when engaged with the event’s activities. A live poll or quiz directly engages your attendees with the subject matter of a session, helping your speakers communicate their points better. Our platform runs your polls seamlessly and displays the results in real-time. Animated bar charts calculate the number of people choosing each option, and leaderboards rank the highest scorers in quizzes. On-demand attendees also get the opportunity to participate in polls, and the results are collated and sent to your organization for your corporate use. 

  • Virtual entertainment 

Our platform supports multiple forms of virtual entertainment, from virtual concerts to virtual trivia nights! With Performedia’s excellent platform, elevating the atmosphere at your event with some entertainment is a breeze. 

  • Powerful networking capability

We understand that networking is a crucial component of events for professionals, and our platform hosts some of the best features for virtual networking. Attendees can choose who they want to network with and join virtual tables of up to eight participants to share ideas and light talk. With support for video, audio, text, screen sharing and file transfer, virtual networking has never been easier! 

  • Dedicated technical support

Technical issues can mar an event badly, especially if there is no dedicated staff to handle them. However, with Performedia, you’re assured of full support throughout your event. With the click of a button, attendees or organizers can access a dedicated technical support staff ready to respond to their needs. 


With tons of corporate clients from Microsoft to pharmaceuticals, Performedia is one of the best in creating memorable, engaging events. Our highly-intuitive and versatile event platform, combined with our total boutique approach, helps you create a fantastic experience for your attendees. Call us today, and start creating unforgettable events for your attendees!