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Best Lead Retrieval Event Services in the US

September 21, 2022

For businesses, sales is like a funnel. Sales outreaches and social media ads reach thousands of people, of whom only a few are the target market or eligible to purchase a product. People who can purchase a product may be referred to as qualified leads. However, getting access to qualified leads is pretty difficult, so hybrid and in-person events provide a unique opportunity. 

However, meeting and qualifying leads is not enough. It’s also important to be able to reach out to them after the event. Unfortunately, only a third of qualified leads are followed up after an event; the data is lost in a database somewhere. This is where an efficient lead retrieval system comes in. Luckily, there are excellent services that help to provide lead retrieval services in the market. In this article, we’ll explain how lead retrieval works and look at a few of the top providers. 

What is Lead Retrieval and How Does It Work? 

Lead retrieval is the process of finding and retrieving lead data that may have been captured before the date of the event, often during registration. These details are typically obtained from a database and automatically linked with the person the data describes. 

Lead retrieval is pretty similar to lead capture. However, the chief difference is that, in lead capture, the details are obtained at the event by exhibitors. In lead retrieval, the details have been previously collected by event organizers. They are then matched and confirmed at the event by sponsors and exhibitors. 

Lead retrieval works by using special technologies that enable event organizers to capture and qualify leads while storing their data to reach out in the future. Tools for capturing leads include badges with a QR code, NFC-enabled event badges, wrist bands, and event registration apps. With a lead retrieval app, their team can add information about how qualified each lead is by creating notes that will uniquely identify each candidate. 

It’s also critical for the sales and marketing teams to quickly follow up on leads. So, a fully integrated attendee management or lead retrieval software allows the sales team to access real-time lead data. This way, they can reach out to leads quickly to maximize the event's headstart. Additionally, lead retrieval services provide analytics tools so that you can analyze lead data, such as peak lead generation times and more. 

Why is Lead Retrieval Important to Sponsors? 

Here are a few reasons why lead retrieval is critical to sponsors and exhibitors:

  • Drives engagement

With lead retrieval, sponsors already have some data on the attendees due to the information you’ve provided them through the database. This provides a touchpoint from which exhibitors and sponsors can initiate conversations with attendees. By engaging leads on what interests them, exhibitors can facilitate conversations that are meaningful to attendees. 

  • Provides valuable customer data

Data is critical for making effective decisions, as today’s businesses know. One of the most critical benefits of lead retrieval is that it provides valuable data about leads. Sponsors and exhibitors can obtain data from multiple potential customers about their preferences, needs, and more. Additionally, capturing lead data helps businesses to measure their event ROI better. 

  • Improves attendee experience 

Lead retrieval services help improve the attendee experience overall. Exhibitors and sponsors always want to collect attendee data, but the older process could be clumsy. Attendees who share their details want to do so in the quickest way possible and enjoy the rest of the event. Lead retrieval services make it easy for attendees to share their data seamlessly. 

  • Boosts ROI 

Lead retrieval systems make it easier to both measure and improve event ROI. With lead retrieval, exhibitors and sponsors can work with attendee details to see who’s interacting with the business after the event. Additionally, integrated lead retrieval systems allow sales and marketing teams to follow up instantly. Exhibitors and sponsors can also harness multiple ways of reaching out, including phone calls, emails, and text messages. Reaching out quickly massively improves conversion rates

7 Best Lead Retrieval Event Services in the US 

Here are the top five lead retrieval services in the US: 

  1. Performedia

Performedia is a leading event management platform dedicated to helping event organizers create and manage events seamlessly. Its proprietary lead retrieval system allows you to scan attendee details via QR code and link it to the database. Upon check-in, attendee data is automatically synced across multiple devices. Your sales team obtains this data in real time, and you can reach out to leads instantly. Performedia also offers high-quality reverse lead retrieval so that attendees can connect with exhibitors themselves. This way, you can increase sales and drive business for your exhibitors. 

  1. iCapture

iCapture is an event retrieval software for events of any size. Their team helps you design an efficient lead retrieval system for your event. With iCapture, you can use your mobile device as a lead capture tool, send the details to your attendees, and begin sending emails in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Showcare

Showcare provides customizable lead retrieval solutions to help your exhibitors meet and qualify leads. With their powerful, easy-to-use devices, Showcare allows you to collect attendee details and monitor your lead retrieval data in real-time. Showcare also provides a dedicated on-site support team to ensure success. 

  1. Attendify

Attendify is a fully-integrated mobile event platform that provides seamless registration and lead capture services. To use the platform, you need to download the app, add and manage team members, and begin scanning for leads! You can then integrate generated data into your CRM. 

  1. Validar’s vCapture 

Validar offers four lead retrieval solutions for every kind of event: Quick, Pro, Pro Plus, and Global. Its solutions allow exhibitors to quickly capture or retrieve leads and follow up for conversions. With vCapture, you don’t need to obtain any new devices to capture leads — your iPhone or iPad is all you need. You can then automatically send these leads into Salesforce to drive conversions. 

  1. Cvent Lead Capture 

Cvent’s lead retrieval app allows you to instantly capture or retrieve attendee data by scanning a name badge or QR code. You can also add custom questions for better lead qualification. You can instantly export lead data to your database on demand to facilitate sales! 

  1. Social Tables

Social Tables is a leading event management software that makes it easy to retrieve and qualify leads. With their service, you can add lead capture to your event landing page and score leads automatically based on custom criteria. Social Tables also offers real-time data to monitor your event lead capture and derive insights. 


Event lead retrieval is extremely valuable for sponsors and exhibitors. By using an excellent lead retrieval service, you can help your sponsors better qualify leads and boost their ROI massively.