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7 Crucial Elements Of A Successful Promo Video

October 12, 2021

Excellent promo videos are the pillar of a successful event marketing campaign. They are an effective way to promote your event across versatile digital platforms. Your promo video is like a trailer for your upcoming event, and wouldn't you want the trailer to be exceptional? 

Good promo videos significantly contribute to boosting the ROI of your event. Research shows that 51.9 % of marketing professionals consider video marketing as the tool to achieve the highest ROI. Videos are naturally more effective than visuals as they are more engaging. 

This blog has compiled the eight crucial elements that can skyrocket the number of registrations for your event. 

AFCEA Defense of Cyber Operations Symposium Promo Video

1. Promote Your Speakers 

Your speakers are often among the best-known aspects of your event - seeing and, if possible, hearing from them in your promo video can help promote your event. Did they speak previously at your events - is there any footage or photos of that? 

Also, many speakers will have promotional videos online that can provide a few seconds of video for your promo or even a good soundbite. Best to get their permission before using, of course.

A great example would be the European Robotics Week 2019 Event where they have added glances of their speakers in their event promo video.

2. Footage from your previous videos

The footage from your previous events can be leveraged like a magnet to attract attendees for your upcoming events. 

Adding short bits of clips in your promo video of valuable moments or where people are networking, engaging, and enjoying the event drastically increases the chances of people signing up for your events. 

Here's a great example showcased by Inbound, HubSpot's annual event

3. The Emotional Touch

Humans process emotions in one-fifth of the time they need to process a thought. Therefore, an emotional punch can instantly create a spark in the viewer. Likewise, many appealing moments like victory, joy, appreciation and other such instances can establish an emotional connection in the viewer's mind. 

Even better, the most touching videos are the ones most talked about, so you can gain the advantage of word of mouth when people refer to your promo video in their business or personal network.

Read and watch how Coca-Cola used nostalgia to create one of last year’s top-performing ads. 

4. The Relatability Factor 

It is one of the most crucial factors that make event promo videos viral.   

A significant relatability factor in your promo video can help act as a catalyst for your audience to establish a connection with your event while at the same time avoiding sounding overly “salesy.” 

Adding an element like an attendee's individual event experience can bring a human touch to the videos and build trust and authenticity about your event. In addition, it assures people that the event will offer value to them in different ways. In other words, the more they find your promo video relatable, the more likely they are to register for the event. 

Sand Sculpting, held in San Diego, California, captured relatable footage of the artists about their experiences. 

5. Music Selection 

The right music can really elevate your promo video and help to engage your viewers. Music sets the tone of the video and the mood of your viewer. If chosen correctly, it can energize, inspire, and engage. The music you choose should help communicate the message you’re seeking to deliver to your audience.

When choosing your music, make sure your footage and soundtrack are syncing up well. Remember, the footage should lead the music and not the other way around. 

Watch and listen to this promo video of the World Trade Day 2020 Virtual Conference and see how the music helps set the tone.  

6. A Great Script

Words have the ultimate power, and scriptwriters and copywriters can help you wield this power. The promo video script is the framework of your video and the medium to deliver why the viewer should attend your event. It certainly shouldn't sound boring. 

The video script should take into consideration and include:

  • Key USPS
  • Audience benefits
  • Buyer persona
  • CTA

Watch this promo video of Data Innovation Summit 2020. The script may be minimal, but it gets the job done.

7. Testimonials

Event attendees highly value social proof and carefully observe how other people have responded to the previous events. Including a few video testimonials can surely boost your ticket sales. 

Having past attendees talk about how the event made a difference in their lives helps add a personality and purpose to your events. 

Check out this video by keynote speaker Kristen Brown where she has compiled all her event testimonials

8. Appropriate Branding

Pay close attention to the moments in your promo video that feature your logo and event name. These are the two things people will remember and recognize you, which means they need to be shown at the right places and at the right time - at the start and end of your video. This will create a touchpoint of branding for your event, evoke brand awareness, and ensure visibility. 

TEDx similarly brands its videos by adding its event name and logo at the start and end of its videos. Here’s an example

In Summary 

  • Promote Your Speakers 
  • Footage from your previous videos
  • The Emotional Touch
  • The Relatability Factor
  • Music Selection
  • A Great Script
  • Testimonials
  • Appropriate Branding 


These promo video elements may significantly impact the ticket purchase behavior of the audience. Having said that, producing the promo video is as important as marketing it. Promoting the video at the right places is a surefire way of accelerating your ticket sales. Leverage the social platforms where your target audience resides and embed the event promo video on your website landing page to showcase it to every visitor who visits you. 

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