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Top 15 Association Management Companies in the US

March 16, 2023

Association management companies are profit-making businesses that assist organizations with handling their daily operations, including their staff and resources. They offer their services to profit-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, trade groups, and philanthropic organizations to ensure they achieve their desired objectives, grow, and prosper. These businesses monitor various aspects of a company’s operations, including finances and logistics. Their high level of expertise and accountability often means that organizations can keep increasing their relevance and value to their members. Here’s a list of the top 15 association management companies in the United States:

Status Plus LLC

Status Plus LLC provides high-quality management services to professional medical organizations. Established in 1992, they have extensive experience and ethics in managing national non-profit associations. They also have recorded successes in planning and executing numerous conferences, symposia, meetings, and events. Their key services include:

  • financial management
  • full-service association management
  • fundraising
  • meeting management
  • strategic advice
  • general operations

Status Plus LLC has offices in both the US and Europe and also offers IT services for effective meeting and teleconferencing management.

WJ Weiser and Associates, Inc

WJ Weiser and Associates is a leading global association management company, and it manages over 80 organizations on international, national, and regional levels in the US. The company was founded in 1988, and since then, up to this moment, Weiser has been one of the country’s premier full-service association management firms. Their main services include:

  • full-service association management
  • customized project services
  • government relations and advocacy
  • start-up services
  • transitional staff and executive services

Weiser boasts of a prestigious list of clients and an impressive client retention rate through its high-quality service delivery.

Partners in Association Management

Partners in Association Management (PIAM) was founded in 1998  and, since then, has offered operational and strategic management to non-profit organizations. The company’s services are:

strategic leadership

  • finances
  • member care
  • marketing and communications
  • conventions
  • government relations
  • education and events

Their main selling point is their team which comprises 12 certified association executives (CAE) and certified meeting planners (CMP). The company also claims an overall client turnover or churn rate of less than one percent.

IMN Solutions

IMN Solutions is another global full-service association and event management company that provides a broad range of services for numerous associations, corporations, and faith-based groups. Their primary service offerings include:

  • meetings
  • conferences and exposition management
  • leadership and governance
  • membership development and engagement
  • advocacy
  • public affairs

IMN uses an adaptive approach when applying association management principles to assess the present state of an association and determine where it can go next.

Ngage Management

Ngage Management, located in Michigan, is a full-service association and event management company. Their core services include:

  • member management
  • meeting programs and education
  • strategic planning
  • finances and accounting

One of the largest in the state, the company’s team of highly skilled professionals develops strategies that incorporate seamlessly with a company’s objectives and help it achieve its goals

Paragon Events

Paragon Events has 31 years of dedicated experience in association and event management and have researched and journeyed to over 60 countries. They operate in the US and internationally and offer a range of events, including:

  • marketing and branding
  • virtual events and services
  • association management

The company typically works with the leadership teams of various associations to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Community Brands Intermediate LLC

Community Brands primarily provides cloud-based software to associations, non-profits and elementary to high schools. They deliver their services locally and internationally, with over 2,000 employees serving over 100,000 clients in 30 countries. Community Brands solutions include:

  • membership management
  • event technology
  • learning and training
  • data analytics

They aim to reduce inequality and improve the quality of education and life to impact the world positively.

Dolci Management Services

Dolci Management Services is a highly specialized association management company that provides the time and talent required to manage a group of associations and non-profits. The company’s services include:

  • headquarters-office operation
  • executive search
  • strategic planning
  • event planning and governance

DMS executive staff has over 90+ years of experience in not-for-profit consulting and management, and their clients’ list consists of numerous prominent companies in the US and globally.

Raybourn Group International

Raybourn Group International (RGI) is an accredited full-service association company that partners with corporations and other associations to increase efficiency and reduce costs. RGI’s services include:

  • full-service consulting
  • strategic planning
  • financial planning
  • membership management
  • fundraising
  • grant writing and professional accreditation

It makes up one of 15% of the accredited association management companies by the AMC Institute.

Sherman Communications and Marketing

Sherman is a PR firm and marketing agency that provides senior-level talent, multiple industry expertise, and innovative marketing and public relations ideas. Their range of services includes:

  • strategic planning
  • media relations
  • crisis management
  • marketing communications
  • public affairs
  • research

The company’s aim and strategy are to collaborate with its clients’ stakeholders and develop ideas that help these clients improve their recognition and reputation.

Capitol Hill Management Services, Inc (CHMS)

CHMS was established in 1981 and is one of the country's most recognized association management, government relations, and examination administration firms. They offer various services, including:

  • association management
  • virtual support services
  • event planning
  • financial management
  • certification and education
  • advocacy
  • marketing
  • communications

CHMS typically specializes in non-profit management, credentialing, and membership training, and their client base and reviews testify to the high quality of their work.

Association and Society Management International (ASMI)

ASMI is among the fifteen percent accredited association management companies by the AMC Institute. The company’s core value is to help organizations position themselves to serve members of their profession, industry, or cause optimally. ASMI’s primary services are:

  • administration and management
  • financial administration and accounting
  • fundraising and research
  • meetings
  • events and member services
  • recruitment and retention
A man presenting a screen to a group of audience.

Association Management Resources (AMR)

Association Management Resources (AMR) is a highly recognized association management company specializing in event management. AMR’s range of services includes:

  • board governance
  • association management
  • event management
  • marketing and communications
  • social media support
  • accounting services

They take care of their client’s offices, staffing issues, conference and event planning and registration, and membership so the company can focus on its mission and strategic goals. AMR believes in a customer-centric growth model and is committed to providing clients with excellent customer service experience.


Elevanta specializes in providing a proven approach toward board leadership, administrative support, and government relations. Their services cut across a broad spectrum, including:

  • association services
  • insurance
  • employer services
  • building government relations
  • event and meeting management

Elevanta’s strategy is to collaborate with their client’s team and develop ideas that beat the membership’s expectations and propel the organization toward its goals.

Talley Management Group Inc. (TMG)

Talley Management Group Inc. is an association management company whose 35 years of experience have enabled them to use their administrative and strategic expertise to help organizations succeed. Their services include:

  • education consulting
  • virtual event management
  • full-service association management
  • executive leadership
  • membership services
  • staffing services

Throughout their years of experience, they’ve worked with over 20,000 client members and managed more than 55 events.

Choose the Right Company for Your Event

Now that you know the top 15 association management companies in the nation, you may be wondering how to choose the right one for your virtual and hybrid events. You may follow these steps to choose one:

  1. Find a company whose values are similar to yours.
  2. Check whether the company has proper accreditation or license.
  3. Check their level of experience in the industry and review their testimonials and clientele.
  4. Review their customer success approach.
  5. Assess their ability to create innovative programs.

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