ASTCT event, Media Player Screenshot. Presenter is showing statistics on a topic in a presentation.

Bridging the Gap: Onsite player with resources and live registrations

About the project:

The American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT) stands as a global beacon in the realm of healthcare, uniting over 3,100 physicians, investigators, and healthcare professionals from more than 45 countries.

The Challenge:

ASTCT partnered with Performedia for their 2023 forum live streaming. We also created a web portal where attendees could access all resources like slides and posters while the stream was on. A significant challenge was to provide access to the web portal to all in-person registrants as well. Registrations were being managed by another organization. The conference, which traditionally combined physical attendance with online resources had recently transitioned to a virtual platform. The online portal was designed to provide seamless access to various materials, including presentation slides, research papers, and additional conference-related content. We identified, that those registered for in-person attendance did not automatically gain access to the virtual resources.
ASTCT event, Media Player Screenshot. Presenter is showing statistics on a topic in a presentation.

The Solution:

To address this issue, we decided to register all in-person and virtual attendees on our platform as well. They all received their unique login credentials for the web portal, allowing them to create their profile as an in-person or a virtual attendee. We decided to implement an onsite player with a dedicated "Resources" button. In-person attendees could access the player by scanning the QR code displayed onsite. The resources button, strategically placed on the onsite player, would be a direct link to the online portal, allowing in-person attendees to download the necessary resource files in real time.

The Implementation:

The development team swiftly worked on integrating the onsite player with the web portal. The "Resources" button was strategically positioned on the main dashboard, ensuring visibility for all attendees. Upon clicking the button, users were seamlessly redirected to the portal, where they could access and download the resource files without any hindrance.

The Result and Key Takeaways:

Implementing the onsite player with the "Resources" button and keeping registrations open during the event at the backend ensured seamless access to the portal and resources. The solution was designed with the end-user in mind, providing a seamless experience for in-person registrants without compromising the overall functionality of the virtual platform.

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