4 Platform Styles to Choose From

4 Platform Styles to Choose From

While most platform providers tend to hang their hat on one platform approach they believe to be the best, Performedia lets YOU decide which style of platform suits your event and your audience best.
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No Apps That Require Download and Installation

Our clients' attendees are less and less likely to be willing or able to download and install an app these days. Given the choice, most would prefer not to, and many, because of employer and/or government rules, simply are not allowed to. SO - your event site from Performedia will always be a simple URL that can be accessed easily from all browsers and operating systems.

Menu Driven - Tried and true, with soul

Our menu-driven portal has a low-noise high-contrast approach that works for all audiences, but as the different widgets like social wall or networking or leaderboard animate into view, you can see that despite being easy to navigate, it's got some soul. We can help create design elements such as your hero banner and background imagery, and we can usually easily fit in your favorite external apps that you want to include, as well.

Lobby Style - Sexier look, but still easy to navigate

If the lobby look is what you prefer, we've got that covered, too. Going from the lobby to sessions or the expo hall now have a more of a feeling of traveling there, and the 3D images used to create the various spaces can cost-effectively be completely customized to your specifications. And we've borrowed a little from the menu driven experience - a big menu board in the lobby, so no one gets lost.

Tiles - We all know how to use them

Taking a cue from mobile users, we have designed our tiles option to be perhaps the easiest navigation motif of the four we offer. You guessed it - click on a tile and you go there. Not much more to tell!

Embedded - Have attendees come to YOUR website

Most online event solutions involve another website that is not your website. Sure they will give you a URL that comes close, like your-event-name.vendor-name.com, but what if you just want them to come to your website. We can do that. Pick a page, or create a page, and we'll fit everything into whatever rectangle you give us. How fun to go to your homepage or events page and the show is right there! And our single sign on (SSO) means if they're signed into you, they're signed in!

Four styles to choose from - if your vendor doesn't offer that, maybe we can be of service. We would certainly love to compete.

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